About Henna Riikka Kouhia
The Finnish entrepreuneur Henna Riikka Kouhia, 25, is a self-taught painter. Henna has a son and they're living together with their little dog. Henna has been painting a few years, and it has become part of her everyday-life. She has always been interested and passionate about art, painting, writing and how everyone sees and feels the world. Her little family has been the biggest inspiration, because of the love that never ends. Other important inspirations are nature and emotions.
"Every struggle that comes, you have to go through the storm and rocks, never give up, to become better, stronger and the best version of yourself" 
Her artworks are intuitive, energetic and creatively personal. Artworks are made with passion and the style fits in every room and space. Her artworks have been exhibited at Gallery Evenementielle, Paris, France and at Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, Finland. 
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